Any thoughts on this sculpt?



Looks good.
I don’t know anything about sculpting but, what’s with the blurry/pixelness around everything?
I think if that gets cleared up the Goblin will look much better!
Regardless, very nice job on it.

One thing I’d say which could be done better, would be the thing engraved on his head, it’s a bit hard to tell what it is, my guess would be an arrow, but regardless of what it is, the lines are very wobbly and could probably be done more cleanly.

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thank you for the reply,
actually this is my 1st successful sculpt of head
and i am trying to put a type of curse mark on his head

I like that!but what were u trying to do?overall 9/10

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1st wanted to make a knight then my attention shifted to crafting the eyepart
then i thought ill add a pointy ear to make it like an elf
when i saw the shape turned into creature instead of what i was aiming for i just went with the flow and created this lil head

a cute lil goblin is what i wanna make :smiley_cat:

It was made in Windows 98

Overall though, that’s an interesting sculpt concept! It’s definitely a unique style of approach :thinking:

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Ah,then if u wanted to do an elf,u made it really well,10/10

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