Any tips for creating a r15 walk animation?

Ive tried creating a r15 walk animation before and it was pretty bad

So before i try doing it again, is there anything i should know before creating it?

(last time i tried this First "decent" animation)

uh tried something and it just looks so rigid, not sure


tried something, i know the torso doesnt move but the arms and legs look jumpy, like they just jump into place, its not really smooth at all or anything

im going to go insane with how hard it is to animate R15

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Forgot to save when i closed the animation so i lost it all

anyways, how would i make it not appear jumpy?, as in for the next time i do this

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To make it more natural, you should make the animation slower. You can also make the head bobble around a little. And the arms shouldn’t move like that. I would just walk around and try to replicate how i am walking.

I recommend searching up animation rigs and making changes and you’ll start to learn how to make walk run etc animations

ive tried doing this and i just end up forgeting a minute later

How long should it really be?
i used like 51 keyframes with each step 3 keyframes from eachother

“Animation rigs and making changes”
or just
“Animation rigs”

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use a animation rig as a guidance

If you want to make your animation natural you should make the arms wavy. I replicate my walk when i think the animation I make is unnatural to me. “How do I wave my arms around?”. Of course, i also do forget my full walking. But a video can help.

You should add more keyframes. I scatter them around (of course not THAT much)

Now, If you want to make a good animation, you have to have an Idle animation for it aswell.
Also, I think mesh deformed R15 rigs are better. You should try it out.

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The walking animation should be adjusted to the type of game you are making. Horror games for instance should have simple, slow movement as that makes it much more climatic.Simulators on the other hand should have quick, sudden movement even if it sacrifices on reality.

In your situation, your avatar lacks on Torso movement, as well as a little bit of an inclination in the position of its equilibrium Add those, and the animation will look much more smoother!

There are plenty of tutorials out there on Developer Hub already that you could use to polish your animations. I am sure they’d help you achieve what you’re aiming for.


Kinda like a zombie shooter, not sure what i should go for here

Yea, i just wanted to know why the animation’s arms and & legs just looked so choppy

Im dumb, can i have this explained in simpler words?

Never thought of looking up a tutorial to polish animations, always just looked up the type of animation i was making and trying to see what other people did

will note this down

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Zombie shooter sounds like a game where a dynamic and sudden type of animation should be implemented. As the gameplay will most likely be quick, the animations should also be rather fast.

Inclination in the position of its equilibrium basically means that the Torso along with Arms would need to be leaning forward; more when the character is running, less when the character is walking. You can observe that while watching sprinters running short-distance-races.

Note: If the game is going to be the First Person Shooter (FPS), be sure the current animation you’ve made isn’t going to mess up how the player itself will see the surrounding. It matters more for what the player sees, rather than what other users view them as.

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Alright so something as if you were walking fast

So like kinda when you run you lean forward abit while running

Might not let the player even see themselves at all, probably will just use a viewmodel for the guns

on another note, with the starting position of the animation, where should i start?
ive been starting on a step

Not sure if its good to start the animation here
Andor if the step should be more outwards

The character doesn’t need to be moving fast though, it’s more about sudden, bouncy movement in the animation itself. You can see this technique being used in games like Arsenal where the character’s arms are moving left and right, not necessarily naturally, but very climatically.

And yes, you should start your animation with the first step, as if it was missing, the character would slide on the floor like it’d have been on an ice during the first second of it.

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Alright i think i get what you’re sayin

Anyways i tried going and making something
it looks better than the last attempt
Tried adding some “sway” or something, like leaning the torso to the side that the arms out on

Without "Sway"

With "Sway"

Making new animation because the legs just didnt have enough power, they didnt go back far enough and didnt go forward far enough
(for my liking atleast)

Reworked the stepping, before it would just glide back, but now i made it look like a actual step

just go with the flowwww dudeeeeee