Any tips on advance and realistic builds?

Hi devs, I’ve been looking over my builds while I take a break from building. I would really like it if I can make my builds more realistic to low poly. I’m struggling with creative ideas so I want to know how can I build on more advanced buildings and modeling. I use plugins to make some of my buildings realistic and advanced, but something feels off about it.

I already have a few tips from my older post to help me with this for my next project. If you have any tips or tricks please do reply if its optional to you, I would really appreciate it!


Best to build textures and meshes outside of Roblox on software like blender, and translate it back to Roblox. As well as using Roblox parts with different material textures to really finish off the final product. Lighting also helps with making areas look more realistic and defined. Take pictures from real buildings and just have at it with unions negates meshes you will eventually start seeing what you are looking for.


Thanks I could use these for a new project!

Some ideas

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