Any tips on building low poly maps

Does anyone have tips on how to build a low poly map. My game consists of islands where players fight together. I have 1 map but it is not very good. I am good at scripting but not building.I do know how to use blender well but collision models do not work well and meshes can not be edited in studio. Please help.


By the way this is my first post

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Hello, rsbplays!

Thank you for your interest in “Building Low Poly Maps”, below I have provided a bulleted list of ways to bring Low Poly into a game.


  1. The most basic application of Low Poly in most any game would be to use ROBLOX Studio Parts to create Objects for your game, without importing previously created Models from the Catalog or from .obj Files (Default Export File from Blender).

3D Application

  1. Assuming that you have a moderate understanding of creating 3D Models with a 3D Application such as Blender , than your goal would be to create your desired Object(s) by using a minimal amount of Triangles (Triangles are a common Shape formed in 3D Applications to efficiently create Objects)

  2. While creating a 3D Object(s) in Blender (or generally any 3D Software), increasing the size of Triangles while keeping the Object Design the same as originally intended will allow you to reduce Triangle Count.

  3. Using too many “Small” Triangles (this is relative to the size of the Object you intend to create) will increase your Triangle Count and this would cause your Object to become “High Poly” when your goal is to create a “Low Poly” Object.

I hope you found the information I have provided you beneficial to your endeavor’s, and essential to answering your question(s)!



Thank you for your help i am currently designing the map i will post here when done in a while

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With Low-Poly maps, you should typically be creative. Pick up a few skills if you haven’t already from blender. If you’re starting off as a beginner, I’d suggest looking at how other games design their maps.

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