Any tips on creating Linear animations?

Hello Animators!

I’ve made a decision to animate using Linear, although I am new to animating and I suck at animating. Any tips on animating using Linear? (Moon Animator if you are wondering.)
(Sorry if this is a short message, but I didn’t really want to fill it all with filler text tbh.)

I don’t have Moon Animator, but shouldn’t it be as simple as changing the easing style of the keyframes?

yeah i use the regular roblox animator i dont use moon animator

Yes, although I did stated that I wanted to mostly animate with Linear. The reason why is to make animations bit realistic and avoid Easing Style abuse.

If you are a beginner in animation I recommend a video and a website - Video 12 principles of animation here to learn more about animation

try to learn the exaggeration and anticipation that is the main thing of an animator

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