Any tips on making shirts to make them realistic and more high quality?

Hello, I’ve been getting into making shirts recently. I’ve been making basic shirts with just a stock photo or some text on it. I’ve been wanting to make some hoodies and polo shirts. I’ve been looking through YouTube and searching it up, but I want to get some tips from people that are more experienced in this field.


If you only want nice, realistic-looking results, photobashing could be an option: you basically find clothing pieces (preferably on Pinterest), copy the images, paste them on top of your template and start resizing them, erasing the excess parts, and overall editing them to your preferences (you can find tons of tutorials and process videos of this on YouTube if you need a clearer idea). Otherwise, if you want to make the clothes yourself from scratch, custom templates could help: you can look for templates with drawn guidelines for clothing pieces such as hoodies, dresses, uniforms, etc, and draw over them following said guidelines, then pick a shading template and use it as well.

As an extra, if you want better visual quality, make sure to use the correct colors, textures, graphics, fonts, etc. You can always look for inspiration in websites like Pinterest!


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