Any tips to growing my clothing group

Hello dev users, I own a clothing group with almost 200 members, but I want to grow at an efficient rate while making sales. I have made an ad for my homestore to increase sales and am prepared to bid on it, however, I’m not sure how much I should spend on it.

I currently have 2000+ robux to spend.

Any tips and feedback on what I should do?


Hello. Personally, I am also pretty unfamiliar with building growth via groups, but I might have a helpful tip.

Expenditure on advertisements is a good way to get growth, but it can be very costly. Along with that, clicks and loyal members (recurring purchasers) are not guaranteed. 2,000 robux does sound sufficient to allow some growth but I don’t think it’ll be enough to get your money back. Personally, I’d invest in a partnership with someone who has a following, or someone who frequently gets profile visits. This will build members and revenue.

In saying that, again, I’m very unfamiliar with building growth in groups, this was just my personal opinion. I wish you good luck! :slight_smile:

I would actually use 1k robux to advertise 4 ads, from there you will probably gain a player base but the key is to say your giving away 500 robux, which you will if you group reaches x amount of members. People want robux and robux giveaways can help massively and at the same time you could get them to invite there friends who could already have robux and buy your clothing.

Aren’t giveaways against ToS? Something about not giving away robux.


I don’t think so unless I didn’t see it?

Pretty sure this is against Roblox’s ToS. Besides, instead of him gaining members who are actually interested in his group and his clothing, he’ll just get a bunch of little kids who want robux, and when some of those kids don’t get the robux they were promised, they’ll leave.

As for OP, I would just use advertisements or word of mouth, that way you get people who are actually interested in your clothing to join.

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Do not create promotions offering prizes of any sort (including contests, raffles, lotteries, chain letters or any kind of giveaway).


I’m struggling to grow my group as well, I make decent clothes but the only members are my friends and I get some sales every now and then but it’s not much.