Any tips/help on making Scripts?

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking this through my head, i want to learn how to script on roblox. But i don’t know what to do first, I’ve watched many Scripting videos for beginners but i don’t have any luck of learning a lot. Sooo can you guys help me?


I started with touched events first, making simple doors, to keycard doors, etc, then recently did some stuff with dev products, making obby skip stages, and now working on updated regen buttons, looking maybe to get into datastores, and local events. maybe scripted particles at some point.

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I’ll try that tip, Thank you so much!

My advice would be to learn the small things first, then build off of that. For example, I started learning how to print, then assigning variables, then functions, etc.


print("Hi there! I'm DecodedMint, a DevForum user.")

Turns into this:

local text = "Hi there! I'm DecodedMint, a DevForum user."

Which turns into this:

local function printText()
    local text = "Hi there! I'm DecodedMint, a DevForum user."


And so on.

Other resources

Man, Thats really helpful. Thank you so much man! <3

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Please do some research before making posts like this. I remembered there’s a post about this.

But for your tip, try learning from AlvinBlox, TheDevKing, RoScripter and more. They provide you beginner tutorials. Here’s a list you can learn when your a starting:

Basic beginner tutorials:

  1. Basic Roblox Studio UI’s Studio
  2. print() and variables
  3. Parents and child’s
  4. While loops
  5. For loops
  6. Events
  7. And more!

Basic beginner challenges:

  1. Changing an object’s property
  2. Randomise material

Hope these helps!

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