Trying to find a way to learn scripting

I’ve been struggling to learn how to script for a couple of months now and I’ve only learned a little bit about how it works. If any of you are really good at scripting and if you want to, what are some ways that I could improve on scripting because I tried a lot of ways to to try and educate myself to script like using the developer hub and watching tutorials. :slightly_frowning_face:


Learn Fromm alvinBlox, TheDevKing and RoScript. They provide you begineer tutorials of scripting. Try to learn the basic UIs of Roblox Studio and then understand parents and child’s. Then learn more built-in functions and events, variables, GUI and more. Hope this helps! :smile:


Just find something you want to script, something small, then you can look up how to script it. Cause lua is not used too often in games to script while Java is, it is a little bit harder to learn and find on the internet. Cause ROBLOX is a really famous game which uses Lua, most of the Lua tutorials you will find out here will be about roblox.


Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

Yea, I guess your right. Thnak you for the feedback!

I have a YouTube where I teach lua among other languages, such as C++, C#, ect. I suggest giving me or Alvin a look. I might sound bias but I sorta learned lua pretty easily due to prior python programing experience.


I will most definitely take a look at both of your channels if I can.

Please do a quick search before creating posts like this. There are many posts regarding learning and it is not necessary to flood the category with more questions with the same answers :slight_smile:


Yea, I just looked at other people’s topics and realized that I was one of many that commented on the same thing. My bad! :grimacing:

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It’s all good :smiley: But to answer your question, if you like reading and applying concepts that you read, I would recommend looking through the Roblox API :slight_smile: There are many example codes with the API that you can use as reference to learn.

If you’re a visual learner, YouTube wouldn’t be a bad choice but I honestly try to encourage beginners to not copy code from videos. A lot of Youtubers that create scripting tutorials aren’t really engaging and they just end up giving you code to use.

Now that you’ve read or watched videos, put these concepts together and create something, a small project rather, and test your knowledge :slight_smile: It really does help to apply concepts you’ve learned to your games even if it means creating a whole new game


Thank you!!! I will follow your advice to the fullest! :grin:

Learn from AlvinBlox! He’s a really good scripter on youtube, and I learnt a lot from him.

You can also learn right here, on the developer forum too.

Here are some recommendations:

If you learn better by watching videos: AlvinBlox, TheDevKing, GamerM8, Sheasu, RoScripter
If you learn better by reading: Devforum, Online Tutorials, Developer Hub
If you learn better by step by step: Developer Hub, Online Tutorials
If you learn better by another person: Ask someone you know who can script to help you. I started from scratch, but learning coding from somebody else is basically like going to school. If you do well by learning from others, consider learning this way.

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Check out peasfactory as well. He has a ton of scripting tutorials, and he’s covered most, if not everything about Roblox Lua.