Any unique, great ideas that I should try to use with Constraints?

I want to use more Constraints, but I find no ideas to use them and if I do, it would not work or I don’t know what to use or how.

I am making a retro styled game thats like 2007-2010 roblox. I want to use many uses of Physics and/or Constraints in it.

It really be nice if you just give me ideas and not submit models that you made.

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Here’s an interactive I made with some use of constraints: Interactives - Roblox.

Uses of constraints

  1. Catapult: One interactive in the game is a catapult that allows you to shoot a little ball by stretching the string of the catapult. An invisible spring constraint is used here to provide the force for the ball. It is attached to the ball when the ball crosses the catapult and is detached when the ball flys out of the catapult after being shot.

This game builds your physical intuition, so once you try it out, you’ll know why a spring can be used to substitute the elasticity of a rope or string of a typical catapult.

  1. Handle for the cannon: Walk over to the cannon and you may find a handle bulging from its back. Click on it and drag the arrow backwards. Release to fire. Once again, the handle uses a spring constraint to simulate the handle of a cannon, however, a prismatic constraint is also used to keep the handle moving in a line.

Less practical but interesting ideas to play around

  1. Ball attached to rope: The ball is moving only because of gravitational forces I created which is besides the point for this post. Rather, click on the ball and try moving it around, maybe it’ll spur some new insight on what you can make with a rope constraint.

How the game works
To start playing around with the interactives, just treat every object as if you were in studio. Every object can be clicked on which will give you arrows to drag the object. Enjoy!

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These are some great ideas, I will be sure to try them out with little to no scripting skills and more.