Any way to fix a slightly delayed animation track?

Hey, so I was just wondering if there was any way to get rid of this delay I’m noticing in my animation. (It happens at the end of the clip.) Basically, you’ll notice the animation takes a split second to load. It’s just a looped pose animation, with only one keyframe. For some reason though, it still takes a bit to get to that single keyframe.

Any help appreciated, thank you!

Could you provide your script?

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You could try messing around with the fadeTime and weight of the animation track (if you haven’t already)


you need to load it at the start of the game, duh

I did, smartie.


It also happens for every new Freddle that spawns, so it’s not an initial load issue I wouldn’t think.

oh yea i see now it like t poses for a second lmao. is it a custom rig?

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Yeah, I found it on the asset marketplace.


well iirc roblox has different modes for their animations, it looks like you got the interpolated one when i think you should use the robo one (constant enum iirc)

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Oh that’s interesting

How would I go about changing it? Is that like an AnimationTrack property??

i just read at the docs and @heII_ish already gave you the answer, you have to change the weight to the constant enum

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Not sure if I did it correctly, but I just tried using different weight combinations with a fade time of 0, and that did absolutely nothing different.


did you save the roblox animation?
EDIT: ok so the thing i said was a half lie, turns out it is called easing style :flushed: :point_right: :point_left:

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I tried using the :AdjustWeight() method on the AnimationTrack

Did you mean changing the weight of the animation via the animation editor??

My brain is gonna explode.

I set it to Constant.

It does the same thing.

I love Roblox sometimes

Not sure about this but, If you want the animation to play instantly, you need to move the keyframes to the 0 position, so check that!

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