Any way to get an array of all members of a group?

I looked through forum posts, the forum, and could not find a way to do this.

I’m trying to get all the current members of a group in an array, but GroupService does not have any kind of function to simply get a list of members of a group. Are there any solutions to this I am missing, or will I have to create a httpservice-based 3rd party system of doing this?


You’ll need to use a proxy, either your own or a third party (e.g. Note that third party proxies are very unreliable, and it’s relatively simple to set up a basic web proxy (although sadly I don’t have time to explain that process).

You will need to use the v1 groups API, and you will need these two URLs:

Returns all the roles in the group in JSON format:{groupId}/roles

Returns all the members for one role in JSON format:{groupId}/roles/{roleSetId}/users

More info can be found here:!/Membership/get_v1_groups_groupId_roles


Thank you for the reply. I will look into setting up my own basic web proxy. Thank you for the links!

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