Any way to have a bot that ranks people in a group?

Hi.I am trying to make a cafè training center but I don’t want to have to manually rank the people if they pass the trainings.I was wondering if there could be something like

local passed = false
if passed == true then
— rank the player but I don’t know how to do that

ClanLabs should be a good option.

See: Clan Labs Information

Hope that helps! Please mark this as a solution if so :slight_smile:

Ok, I at the moment I am trying this on a phone.Ill check it out once I get on my laptop.
Edit:Is There a way to just do it for free?

The short answer is you cannot do it with the pure Roblox API and have to connect with an external, remote service.

This is usually done by sending an HTTP request to an external service/server that has software that will perform the action view either Roblox Web APIs or just replicate being a browser and perform the group actions manually.

Do you mean rank them in the game, or rank them in your roblox group, etc. ?

Roblox group ranking not in game rank

Sadly you cant do that as of right now, at least i dont think its possible :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Your telling me that I if I have a training session of 20 ppl I have to rank EVERY SINGLE ONE Of THEM individually?!?!

RoScripter is a good option

dang i had no idea someone found a way to do that
thats cool

It’s common that people use external services - which is what that video is showing. So you’re still right it is not possible with purely Roblox services right now.

However, you run the risk of liability. As soon as you start making games reliant on someone else’s external services, then the chance of them disappearing or failing is possible. Roblox themselves have a post about using other people’s services too heavily. Linked below

Build GUIs in HTML/CSS/JS instead of native elements - Platform Feedback / Studio Features - Roblox Developer Forum


That’s the old documentation aha but good job advertising the service. :+1:

Clan Labs has a free tier coming in their next update. Stay tuned for that.:+1:

Seems very insecure for me. Just based on the fact that any Developer could join the game and rank him/herself higher in the group leading to mass AA.

I think it’s a bit insecure too, but it was the only tutorial I found, plus RoScripter explains it very well.

:slight_smile: No problem my friend!

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