Any way to make a topbar without using Topbar module

So I was wondering if there was an easier way of making the topbar without the Topbar module from here:

I have tried to do this but when playing on other devices, the frame size changes.

I tried using AutoScale but it didn’t work.

You can just get in game, create the gui, and enable ignoreguiinset

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Yes but one problem is that the size changes depending on the screen size.

well use Scale instead of Offset for scaling UI’s, or use autoscalelite plugin (if ur lazy)


Resize Screen:

Doesn’t work.

I used auto scale nightly.

The Roblox icons are 32x32 or 36x36 I believe. Using Scale instead of Offset will scale with the screen size, but Offset won’t.
For some screens, you may want to implement a script to position the guis.