Any way to make character stand on physics state?

I am making custom movement and i need to use physics state but character just falls.
I tried using alignOrientation but I can’t get it right.

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Maybe you could raycast from their body to the ground, and set an AlignPosition’s Y-axis to the distance between the two if it’s equal to a threshold of the character’s height!

If the character is 5 studs tall, and the legs make up 2, the body 2, and the head 1, you could raycast from the body towards the ground, see if the raycast is near 3 studs, then set the AlignPosition’s Y-axis to be 3 studs higher than the ground it detected.

The body was 2 studs tall, and the Attachment for the AlignPosition was probably in the center of the body, 1 stud away from the legs.

Raycasting from the body or the attachment itself in that condition would be targeting a 3-stud distance check.