Any way to revert profile pictures?

So today I logged in and out to try and prompt update my badge list however my profile picture also changed in the process (mainly due to roblox updates but the change was delayed on the forum since I hadn’t logged out in a while) from this:

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 15.55.42
to this:

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 15.55.50

Is there any way whatsoever that I can revert this? It would really suck to be stuck with this crap profile picture.


Change back to your previous outfit and do the same process?

I agree, change the outfit, log out and back in. Unless you have traded it away or lost it, it shouldn’t be a problem! :smile:

No, it Is the same outfit, but roblox changed the way they render profile thumbnails so they no longer contain effects.

And since your tthumbnail updates when you change your profile picture its impossible to revert on the roblox side.


Then this should be reported in #platform-feedback:website-features or #platform-feedback:website-bugs . I don’t see how the forum is relevant to this :confused: The Roblox site manages our forum accounts, so this is beyond the forum’s control.

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I was wondering if there was some discourse feature which I could abuse to try and revert it as if I had never tried to reset it mainly, I think it was an intentional change by roblox but I guess ill formulate a bug report anyway.

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Vanilla discourse actually allows us to manage our own profile photo, however since our forum uses an SSO managed by the main Roblox site, that option was disabled for uniformity and to prevent potential inappropriate content.

I’m pretty sure something could be done to make reverting profile photos possible, but aesthetical features aren’t really the priority here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Easy for you to say :frowning:
My profile picture looks so lifeless without fire :frowning: