Any ways of getting the about section/description of players as a string in-game to display them without relying on proxies?

I’m trying to make a gui where you can inspect various things about a player’s profile one of which is going to be the ability to see what a player has written as their profile description/about me:

Is there a way to get this information without relying on any proxies and if not what is the reasoning behind it as its an obv. feature to add for social games?

There is not, just not a thing implemented yet. It’s very easy to make a proxy for given that you know what you’re doing.

This resource might have it under un authenticated methods but I don’t remember if I implemented it or not.

This is a huge coincidence, cus i made a script about this a few minutes ago

local HTTP = game:GetService("HttpService")

local proxyURL = ""

function GetProfile(UserId: number)
	local success, response = pcall(function()
		local url = string.format(proxyURL, UserId)

		return HTTP:GetAsync(url)

	if success then
		if response then
			return HTTP:JSONDecode(response)

print(GetProfile(1))--put some user id
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Haha, well there you go. That’s perfect.

I dont think there’s a way to do it without proxies since roblox does not allow http service to get from roblox

I don’t have the resources/budget to host a proxy for something Roblox should provide out of the box without me having to rely on 3rd party services.

I also doubt using a public proxy would be wise as its going to be a gui designed for use in many games and routing that much data involving players joining games seem too risky as a malicious actor could easily watch my requests to track players across games.

1 Like is an easy to use free hosting service that I’ve trusted with various proxies and so do millions.

That’s how the resource I posted in my previous reply works, it lets you set up your own proxy using glitch.

Well there’s really not much we can do for you…

You can try using the endpoints from this post, but like other people already said, you’ll need a proxy in order to actually do it because Roblox doesn’t allow Http requests to their website.

But why? Their web api has so many things that could be useful like seeing player counts across servers without having to spam messaging service or something as simple as getting an user’s about me. I’m also not allowed to make feature requests so at least could someone make a request concerning this problem if it wasn’t done already?

I don’t know why Roblox doesn’t allow it. They just don’t allow external requests. Using the proxy servers, you can get all the data you need, as there are plenty of other posts with this same issue which were solved by using proxy servers.