Any ways to get a non-glitchy MeshPart?

Hi I would like to know if there is method to get the effect of unioning parts without actually unioning ? (My PC can’t union because it’s slow)

When i’m at graphics 1 to 3 I get that stange glitchy light and unioning removes them but I can’t.

I have tried “MeshParting” the parts but it doesn’t work.

So basically, do you have any ideas to remove the glitchy thing for some other form of unioning ?
(If blender has some form of unioning please tell me :smiley: )

Ok i’ll check thanks! But do you know how to do it on Blender ?

Ok i’m going to tweak stuff in blender brb if it works :smiley:

Just for clarification, Blender does have this functionality, it’s called the Boolean modifier.

However, it’s not to be used as a crutch - it’s a design/quality-of-life tool like any other modifier.

Back to OP

The strange lighting is actually the shading of the object. In Blender, you can change how lighting interacts with your object, smooth and flat shading can look very different from each other.

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Actually what i want to do is for example when you union 2 parts (without negating one) they turn into a single part, (so they fix the light issue) and i’m trying to find something like that @Aotrou

Actually I know it’s not blnder’s fault but what I did is:

  • Grouped parts
    -exported them as .obj
    -importing to roblox as a meshpart

so actually what I want is like a fusioner of objects in blender (sorry if it’s not very clear)

Here’s a better explanation:

From the video, I ‘fused’ (union) 2 parts together and I would know if there is a function of that on blender. @Aotrou

This is how. Read up on the modifier on the Blender support website.


if you’re having shading issues, the Boolean modifier is not how you solve that issue in the best way. This is known as the X/Y Problem where you think the solution to an issue is Y so your question is “how do I do Y?” when the actual solution is X.

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I think i’ve found it
I just need to know if it’s that :sweat_smile:

Are you able to share the .obj file of the 3D model you’re having lighting issues with? The one from your first post. I will repeat again, lighting issues aren’t best fixed with modifiers.

Edit, I think you actually mean mean z-fighting, where both Parts are flashing through each other. In which case… just move the parts that are flashing up/down by 0.01 of a stud.

Find more info here:


Ok here’s the file @Aotrou

oof.obj (1.3 MB)

(i really don’t have imagination for names lol)

It’s really hard to explain but I think yea It should be z-fighting

Oh yea i know why now because when it was a model there was a lot of z-fighting on it but it’s a pain to remove them.

I made a test with z-fighting part and unioning them makes the z-fighting disappear :shock:
But the only problem is that my model that I want to union is too big for my PC (It crashes roblox studio)

Edit: I have an idea, if your computer is capable of unioning big numbers of parts (I think I have 617 totals parts on my model I think) maybe you could send me the unioned version. But maybe i’m asking too much

Edit 2: Also does meshparts cause more lag than normal parts ?

Actually wait this post explains what’s my problem but is there other ways to fix this problem instead of doing the oofset part by 0.001 because I will then have 600+parts to fix z-fighting on :confused:

Also i’m sending you the roblox version in dms for you to see