Anyone else get this lag?

I get some bit lag randomly when trying to scale out parts, usually long ones but they’re not crazy massive by any means.


It depends on what computer you have, but I rarely get this type of lag. Only on really large parts (which I normally wouldn’t use, if I need a big part it’s usually in specific measurements which can be changed in the ‘Properties’ tab), it also might be due to your scaling size being set low

I’ve got a pretty good PC. Just built it new like a year ago.

Pretty sure scale is default settings. Idk

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How much parts and unions are in the game? Or at least an estimate. I only ever get lag like this when resizing a very big part along with a game that has a substantial amount of parts and especially unions.

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Very strange, my Studio knowledge unfortunately goes no further :sweat_smile:

if you have too much parts. this lag may appear and wont stop annoy you. to reduce lag, you have to delete a little amount of parts


btw sorry for bad english. im german

This is also something that happens to me, looks like an odd bug since i dont have any humanoids in workspace and it ran normal a few days ago. Not sure about how to solve it.

This along with this, are making working on my game impossible.

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also apparently games can run up to 10k+ parts (disregarding other things) and they shouldnt lag too badly


I have noticed in my experiments before that there is a ton of lag if you have just a few hundred parts in Studio.

I’m guessing this is VM related, since Studio uses VMs

Can you run it in Roblox Player and Studio and show how much FPS you’re getting

See if you’ve got any humanoids that are not parented to a model, if not then you possibly could have a virus.

remove some parts in the game.

Not a lot. Like I just started building this game and it’s not huge.

This lag is in studio while paused not on run time.

What do you mean? This game is barely even just started, there is not a lot of parts in the game to begin with. (this shows the overview of the entire map) and just 3 (shops) which aren’t complex inside either. Mostly just made up of a few parts and walls.

It’s literally just when stretching out a part, as soon as I stop stretching it out (scaling it) then lag stops completely. Like run time FPS is perfectly fine. This only happens when I scale a large part.

I remember now, I also had this a while back, random lag while sizing a part. I think it is possible a bug.

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