Anyone else having audio uploads stuck in approval?

Is anyone else having audio uploads stuck in approval?

My audio I uploaded hours ago is still showing the hourglass icon. The sound seems to work in-game and in Studio, but the game console throws download errors for the sound id’s (even though it seems to be playing them).


perhaps they are temporarily allowing this due to high load pending moderation?


My audio I uploaded 6 hours ago Is stuck in approval

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This is because of everybody trying to upload audio now due to roblox soon privating all audio over 6 seconds

Aka the audio moderation system is probably overwhelmed by everybody trying to re-upload their audio


Yeah, my audios have been pending for more than a week…

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Hello, is anyone else having the same problem atm? It’s been 17 hours and all of my audios are still on pending. I tried uploading different audios and they’re still stucked in pending. :frowning:

Yeah it’s been happening with my audios too It’s been 21 hours for me, I guess there’s just a lot of people trying to upload audio lol.

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Yeah, it’s been over a day now and they’re still on pending. It delays my game update. I had like over 10 audios still pending since last night.

Roblox is investigating an issue about it right now