Anyone got any tips on how to make good vines with leaves?

The title basically explains it. I am going to make a row of books (library style) and I want it to be overgrown with plants. If you got any tips you can message me here, or on discord

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Okay so basically everyone does research when looking up inspiration for builds, whether it be from real life buildings or drawings of mythical animals or whatever, google searching reference images is completely normal when trying to find inspiration for a build. Don't exactly copy the build ever though lol. But yeah if you google "Vines around bookshelf" on Google Images, lots of reference images come up. a good one I found.


If you want to build leaves, you could throw a quick 3D Model of Leaves, shouldn’t take that long. You can download mine for free if you’d like, threw it together quick just for you.

leaves.obj (3.8 KB)

You could apply a texture to it if you’d like, personally i’d just slap a leaf texture/decal on it in Studio then call it done.

To assemble it, i’d just make a long skinny green part, add some branches to it, apply the leaves and try as hard as possible to make it resemble the source image as long as it looks natural.

Note: I was too lazy to finish adding vines, hopefully you add more effort than I did lol


All in all, to make something good in general, just research it and try your best to replicate source material or references. Don't *completely* attempt to copy something though. And don't be afraid to try and step outside your comfort zone with third party applications like Blender.

Hope I helped! Cheers.


Ok, thanks for all of the help! I am also wondering, I need book variation, got any idea of how I can speed that up?

Could you perhaps be a bit more specific? By a book variation do you mean adding books to your shelves?


I do but I also mean creating a bunch of books that are all different from each other. Why don’t we move this over to discord? it will be a whole lot easier

Im also horrible at making trees, got any tips :3

An easy way to make books stand out from others it to set up book models like this:

The side, front, and back (colored portions) are put into a folder so that way its easier to sort through and change the colors without having the find which part is which.

After that done, you can quickly duplicate and change the book colors to make them stand out.

Also, if you need help on making trees, i’d recommend this tutorial, it really helps out :smiley:

Hope I helped,

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Thanks for all of your help :slight_smile:

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You should use meshes. They’re usually more optimised. If you’re wondering where you can get meshes from, I usually use “turbosquiddy” or something.

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Ok thanks for the tip! I usually make everything myself so I will take a look and then I will come up with something :smiley: