Anyone got any unused, quality Studio names?

I originally put this post in the #development-discussion category but, unfortunately, it got taken down. :confused:

I have a group called Bonsai Studio . I originally created this group when I was ten or eleven and named it “Bonsai Studio” because…why not? But now I realize that “Bonsai Studio” sounds like we are Japanese people who make anime games when in reality we are Americans just trying to make something cool. We definitely don’t make anime games of any sort.

My friends suggested “Tactical Studio” but I don’t really like the sound of that. Any ideas?

Please note that I’m also planning to take this name outside of ROBLOX development so it is not only for a Roblox crowd

Ok, so I’m going to say what I said on the old post. Something like Panda Man Studios, or around those lines, I just feel like it has a nice ring to it. (It isn’t taken as of 23/11/2021 6:32 GMT)

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What is your group planning to do?

I’m planning on making creative, clean, and fun games in and outside of Roblox.

no, big epic legandary neon glowing charlie man good reputations video games studios

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Shiny Marble Devs (or Studios)

I chose this as it would show you create clean and polished games.


I don’t know what type of games you make (sometimes that helps with naming) here are a few I found/came up with.

Overdrive Games / Overdrive Studios
Learner Studio’s
Ninja Games
Engaging Studio’s / Engaging Games :smiley:


Jammin studio

Lol I got it from your username

I like the sound of Bonsai Studio and Jammin Studio.

First of all,

Let me give you a really useful tip when it comes to finding good names. You should search for synonyms of the initial title of what you thought of! Feel free to brainstorm a lot of titles, so that you can choose which one sounds better.

And with that out of the way, here is a list of names that I’ve thought of:

  • Bonsai Productions
  • Jammin’ Studio
  • Playful Creations
  • Mayhem Community
  • Bossom Productions
  • JRPM’s Studio
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What about Panda Man Productions?

Yes, that is excellent. I really like the flow of it.