Anyone got ideas on what should I build

I am sorry if this is not posted in the right place but I am in the need of something fun to do so I am taking suggestions on what to build preferably like games that are using blender low poly meshes and if you got pictures on how I can improve the building then please let me know.

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Hope it helps!


that is cool and all but I am looking on how I can use a style and improve over my working ideas and see how I can be able to work it into horror concept sorry if this doesnt make any sense but I want to make something people dont really see and I need concept images. (No offense towards you trying to help me).

You could try designing trees in Blender (YT is your friend) and make a (scary) forest.

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@AttackyDaBuilder Maybe try to make a realistic game. You can use Blender to make realistic trees and furniture. I would definitely play the game if you made it realistic. There are also many forum posts telling you how to make realistic lighting so basically all you have to do is build and create 3d models in Blender, hope this helps.

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There’s different approaches you could go for to build something for your audience - players. If your looking to build something realistic try making a showcase or a simple game that features realistic objects such as the lighting, adding realism and placing textures to intense the design.

Create something simple don’t just jump to huge projects from the start.

Some ideas as to what to build could be detailed showcases, make a game that only features realistic items? I’d recommend choosing a style your wanting to dive in this could be realistic, cartoony, and more something your interested in.

Some things to start with, that would be good if your interested in learning if your looking for game ideas, or building ideas. I would try doing a quick such around the forum because these kinds of topics get brought up very often.