Anyone got some feedback for my new game, Controls?

I’m working on this new game called Controls. I personally like it, but I think its missing something I just don’t know what it is, other than more levels.
The concept of the game is basically an obby (and little bit of a puzzle), but the controls are way different than normal. The camera is also stuck in place making it even harder.
Here is the game link so you can test it out:
Controls - Roblox

Any feedback helps. Feedback on the game and the icon/thumbnails or anything else relating.

This is the game icon; you can see the thumbnails when you click on the link.
If you want to respond quick, then please rate between 1 to 10.

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Thank you for your feedback!


The game is very fun.
You might want to disable chat so nobody knows what keys to press.
Secondly, why do you need the keys that go in first and third person mode? People can just use the mouse to go in first or third person mode or use the computer cursor.


There is also a bug that you can get to first person


yeah, I seen that I think I can fix that. Also thank you for your feedback.

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Just finished the entire game, really well made. You get used to the controls after a lot of trial and error work on certain levels. The code on one of the levels was hard to see for the first time and could only make out half of the code. Also, you should make the player press a pad on the last level, because I instantly just went to the left. Overall, a 9/10 for uniqueness but you could add decoration, nothing really to complain about. Great game!

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This game looks good, I’ll love to be the few people to try out the game once it releases.

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Thank you. By the way you can test it, here I’ll resend the link:
Controls - Roblox
You should be able to hit play.

Also thank you TwentyEleven for the feedback

I’ll try out the game later today

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you could also probably switch the controls on console (and maybe inverse + mirror +rotate it on ipad or something)

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