Anyone have a good tutorial on how to use Adobe AE on GFX'S?

Hey! I’m new to the Roblox dev forum. I really want to enhance my GFX’s by using Adobe AE. Problem is, I dunno where to start, or what to do. I need some help, basically. I’ve made a few decent GFX’s and I’m on my way to create a GFX commission sheet. I consider myself as a beginner or rather, progressing GFX artist. I don’t know if I need to provide images of my past work, as I am new to the forum, but If I do need to please let me know!


Hey! :slight_smile: Welcome to the DevForum first of all. When I started GFX, I made a playlist to help me understand better. Here’s the playlist if you need it!

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After effects is made for editing videos. You can edit 2d images well enough in it, but photoshop offers way more options for editing.

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