Anyone have original game ideas?

I have wanted some good game ideas. I am not the best scripter but I can do some complex things. So not anything too hard.


Maybe these if you’re looking for game ideas:


  • A player do something and everyone else stops him from doing it

  • A game where you extend and upgrade premade factories in a straight line

  • A party game where you trick your friends into losing!

  • A dungeon game where you go in deep to find treasures and fight monsters and go back to the ground by going backwards, to demonstrate it’s kind of like you go to dungeon floor 1… 2… 3… and then when is ready and got enough loots, try to not die and go back to the ground by going from dungeon floor 3… dungeon floor 2… dungeon floor 1… to be able to open your treasures and claim the loot you found along the way. I think maybe someone made this, it’s really what adventures does

  • A small game where you find the best route possible and escape the lava flood and the more far you go, the more points you will have. Dominate the leaderboards!

  • survive from your school homework simulator

  • A game where you could select a variety of front-page simulators to speedrun them in an amount of time

  • Story game without lame jumpscares and more choices, please

  • If you’re looking for features for your game maybe these can fit: multipliers, boosts, server boosts global boosts, power, pets, upgrades, enchant, reforge, anvil, crafter, gears, teams, missions/quests, catalog, gadgets, cheese (a must add feature to grow your game), and many from bee swarm simulator i guess

That’s all I think. The reason I probably have so many original ideas is because it’s 12 am and i couldn’t sleep. Sorry for the super long post, anyways hope this helped a little or none, and I must add a must add feature to get my post liked: :cheese:

Oh yeah, if you are a beginner trying to get game ideas you also can try to do a really stupid game like turning light on and off with a sound effect, it definitely helped me to know the basics of the scripting

I just realized I forgot to exhales, and please please tell me if there’s anything missing, ok bye


These are amazing ideas I will definitly putting al least one into development if I ever publish one I will credit you even if you just gave the idea. Thank you again.

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He’s right you know, cheese makes everything better.

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Do what you want, if the project is someone elses idea, I find it’s a lot harder to keep up motivation. Try playing different games.

Here are some intresting game ideas


  • Grabage Simulator
    A game where you have a tool that can collect garbage and you would go around the town looking for garbage and they can upgrade to a truck.

  • Security Breach Paraody
    Try and make security breach but with different characters and change the storyline if you want or any type of FNAF game would be cool.

  • VR Horror Game
    A game that is scary but in VR, i’ve never seen a popular one of these so this would be very interesting to see!

(I will edit this if I get more ideas)

Hope these help!