Anyone having this error with Basic admins module?

Are any of you guys having this error on your basic admin module?

I don’t use any admin module made by others but it seems one of the scripts or modulescripts that handle the admin system seems to be returning more or less than one value like it has displayed in the error message.

The second error message says that the requested module experienced an error whilst loading which you could simply fix by waiting until it loads by using :WaitForChild() when referencing the module.

Still shows the same errors after I added the waitforchild

As the error code says, this is due to the module you’re either writing in, or one you’re requiring not returning one value. And when a module does something like return nil or return value, value, it’ll error with this.

So try to see if the module is returning a value and along with that make sure it isn’t nil, or in a quantity more than 1.


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