Anyone know a different way to achieve this effect without the use of Image Labels (i want it curved like in the video)

So im trying to create an ultimate bar similar to Strongest Battlegrounds, i can’t figure out how to make it work without the use of ImageLabels, can anyone who knows about this explain to me how to make it work?

You could try and tween both the Size and the Position – So for example if you tween the size to 1, you want to also tween the position at the same time to the middle of the sprint bar container, im not sure if it would work but you never know.

at the end of the video, even when i positioned it correctly, the angle of the corner changed and it wouldnt fit. can’t make it work with that

thats the issue with images they dont scale properly, the only solution here i suppose is to remove the gaps between the bar on the image, so open your editing software and make it so the image is the exact size of the bar, so there is no gaps if you see what i mean, with the angle its at, you wont be able to fix the angle changing depending on size, but if you do this then it wont be as noticable as much as it is now.

do you know any other way to do this, like is there something like ui slicing or?

you could try messing around with slicing but im not too familiar with that, but there are plenty good tutorials about slicing. But i have done all the best i can do to help.

I don’t know how and what slicing is, can you link me some devforum post or explain how to enable it / use it?

Sorry, i didnt get a notifaction for this reply, but someone has laready beaten me to it anyway haha, hope that will help you! :slight_smile: