Anyone know a good way to get a color pallet for some good ui?

One thing that really makes UI look good with other UI when the colors from them are from the same color pallet and not just a bunch of random colors.

So I am wondering, what or where is a good place to get color pallets? Any tips for using color pallets?
Any thing else involving them? Thanks!

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Try searching up color palettes on google, you’ll probably get what you’re looking for. Adobe Color is pretty cool for generating your own color palettes using a few nifty techniques! Here’s a link:

You can always ask Chatgpt to make you one. You can also explain what style you’re going for and it will give you some nice palettes.

I know this is late but @LucidPolygon gave someone a good website a few hours ago


Like @BIPUGC quoted, Realtime colors is a great tool but you can also use, Figma also has many great plugins and community designs to draw from

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