Anyone know any good 2d platformers on roblox?

I’m going to start working on a 2d platformer, but I want to see some other 2d platformers on Roblox for inspiration the problem is I can’t really find any. you can post any 2d platformer you find here it would be very helpful


i never saw a good one , i only think about Vibrant venture, was kinda 2D , had good mechanics, but they stopped working on it and just made their own game based on it

the main issue is because most devs don’t know how to make a really good and attractive 2d platform game, for example, see Maplestory, grand chase, etc


I don’t think there is any. It’s a smarter move to just make a 3D platformer in my opinion.

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I tried making one about a year or 2 ago, maybe you can get some inspiration from it
The scripting is horrible but the idea is there lol
[WIP] Paper World! - Roblox

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by attractive do you mean they look good? I’m a modeler so the best part of the game should be how it look… hopefully.

there are a few and I knew most people would rather 3d but I honestly think 2d is better

I’ve actually played your game before its pretty good

well, don’t need to look insanely good on graphics, i believe the gameplay is the essential and is what makes a game more lively overall, and a good lore

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I’ve got a whole story written out and stuff for gameplay I still want to make the game look good but just a nice low-poly build

hi how did u made the stick wall for wall jumping at the start?

If I recall correctly it relies on .Touched events to weld the character’s humanoidRootPart to the wall. When the player jumps, it applies a force to the opposite direction, I think it was all physics based