Anyone know any rig creators?

So I had made a animal that I wanted to go ahead and make a rig. I remembered that I had last year made a post about animating and checked out one of the plugins they recommended. Turns out that it was no longer able to be used. Are there any good and reliable rig creators/builders out in the library?

I used this to create animations for things like satellites and probes:

It obviously works well with anything you want to animate, not just satellites.

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Do you use the free or the full version?

When I downloaded it there wasn’t a free or full version, so I guess the free version. I think the full version just comes with extra features that you don’t really need.

Ok, thank you. I will get it right now.

Ok, so I clicked on my animal and the rig wouldn’t pop up. But when I clicked a rig from the rig builder it works. Do I need to do anything before it will pop up with the information to create the rig?

You have to select your animal model then click the plugin icon. After you do that, this will appear:

To create the joints, first select the Part0 of the joint and then all of the Part1s. For example, if I wanted to create joints between the torso and right leg of a dummy, it would look like this:

I select the torso first, then all of the other parts.

Alright, thanks but my final question is do we need to weld or is that for like weapons and items?

Use the ‘create joints’ option for animations as it will create Motor6Ds. Use Welds for when you just need to weld parts to each other, but you shouldn’t need the plugin for that.

Bit late to the party, but I use this:

If we’re being honest, it works the same and probably doesn’t have any more functionality than the one vastqud posted, but I like it because it’s in a dock widget, which allows me to drag it out of the main screen.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll compare to see if it is easier than the other one.

How would you add a humanoid root part?