Anyone know how I'd go about making a waypoint indicator kind of like what you'd see in Halo?

I need to make something like this for my game.

Any idea where I’d start? Can this be done with a GUI? Thanks.

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You can make a part with a billboard GUI on it. Billboard GUIs are visible from anywhere, even when out of sight. As for the distance, you could make a while loop to calculate the distance and change the billboard gui text based on that


I actually just tried that, but how do you stop the GUI scaling the farther away you get?

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Instead of scale, make its size in offset

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Didn’t change anything

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Go to the billboard GUI properties, and change the size of it to scale instead of offset
(and while your at it, you may wish to enable “Always on top” so it isn’t hidden behind things

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This is not working :confused: it’s still getting bigger as I get closer and smaller as I get further away. I need it to be a constant same size no matter where you are.

robloxapp-20220409-1755146.wmv (1.2 MB)

Nah, like this needs to be a constant size on your screen. And it never changes size. I would then use numbers to indicate the distance towards the waypoint marker.

Isn’t the thing in the video I sent the same size always though?

No it gets bigger the further away you get.

but… its the exact same size on the screen at all times?
It gets bigger relative to the part, yes, but isn’t that what you were describing?

Nah, like this needs to be a constant size on your screen.

That is exactly what it shows in the video…

Here is the model file of it, try implenting it into yours…

Here is an example of what I want to achieve.

The icon indicator stays the same size no matter the distance.

Did you even look at the video I sent?

Yes, idk just doesn’t seem right. Looks like it gets smaller the closer you get. Maybe it’s just that it’s transitioning so fast. this is what I get with scale properties

try implementing it into yours, and see if it is what you want

Sadly not, it does the same thing.

Thats what you showed in the original video, in the very first post, though