Anyone know how to get this sort of effect?

Unsure of what this is, Any tips on how to replicate would be great

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Prob a recolored white to transparent gradient decal on top of a nein part.

As @oddcraft18 already mentioned you can use a decal or what I thought of is that you can use a beam placed in front of the window part. From there, make it fade from bottom to top.

Depending on your needs, I use a quick method to get that effect for purely decorative non-functional windows on exteriors. I use a smooth plastic ‘shiny brick’ with reflection set to 1 in the place of glass. Shiny bricks reflect the skybox like a mirror so the color of the ‘glass’ will be whatever the skybox is.

I was able to emulate the picture above using a shiny brick with a little bit of transparency backed up with a thin pane of white neon block for a glow and a ‘sunset’ skybox.

  • Disclaimer - the shiny brick method has worked best for me with a static time of day.

For day/night cycle games I use regular semi-transparent glass, a gradient decal on the glass and make the neon backer whatever color I want the window to glow.

Quick links if you need them:

Shiny brick:

Gradient decal from this set:

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