Anyone know how to make a flashlight like the “ The true BackRooms”

If someone is holding a flashlight and they press right mouse button the flashlight lifts up and makes the range farther to see down the hallway than it is without pressing right button

i dont know exactly what your saying but i think they increase the FOV when pressing RightClick

So basically what I mean is when they press right button on mouse there hand lifts up and also there flashlight to making u see farther than before I can send a vid h if u want me to

You could create two animations for holding the flashlight. One for when you’re not pressing any key, which would be lowered. Another for when you are holding right click and it raises up.

When you detect the player starts holding right click, stop the first animation and start the second. At the same time, increase the brightness of the flashlight. When they stop holding right click, stop the second animation and start playing the first one. You can then reset the brightness of the flashlight.