Anyone know how to make it where only 1 can go into ur inventory

I have a key that u can pick up infinity and I want it where u can only have 1 in ur inventory any help

Two things to check:

Tool-based keys

  1. The key is in the player’s character, meaning that they are holding the key out. To check this, FindFirstChild the key from the character and if it’s nil, there is no key.
  2. The key is in the player’s backpack, meaning that they are not holding the key out and it is in the backpack. To check this, get the player and check for player.Backpack and the same FindFirstChild.

Combine these statements above and use or operator, because it could be in either. If either is true, allow the script to not give the key to the player by ending the function promptly by using return within the if statement’s block.

Alternatively, you can try using a cache that remembers which players are holding a key and checking that list. Slightly more tedious, but probably owrkable.

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