Anyone know where I could find custom Material Variants for Roblox?

Recently, Roblox added the ability for devs to add material variants, anyone know a site that I could use to get free material variants to use?

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do you mean Free Textures like this?

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Don’t forget textures com, except I think you’ll need an account to get textures from it, for the most part it’s free – 15 free credits which refill every day, with a free account you can download 512x512 to 1024x1024 images, and it has some other misc graphics. PBR Materials Library

Or, if you don’t wanna waste time browsing online, you could just search “PBR” in the toolbox and find PBR texture packs, copy the assetID’s from the surfaceappearance things, and paste them into the materialvariants.

yeah, better if you make your own texture (I like that way more)
and if you ask me the best app for make your own BPR texture set is, PowerPoint because it’s simple and free + no lag