Anyone know why my rig isn't imported properly? i made an animation

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    i want my rig to import properly with the legs aligned normally.

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    my rig isn’t being imported properly when i import it to studio but its fine in blender.

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    i tried yt and google…

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You posted a template and only gave us a title with some images. I’ll still try my best to assist you. If you are trying to import a Roblox Animation, you should probably be using this extension This extension helps you import animation and export rigs. If you still have issues, please give more information as you have given very little, you only posted a template of how a topic should be formatted.

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hello! thank u so much for ur help. apologies for the lack of information. i’m not used to the devforum. unfortunately i still have an issue w the rig. i put an r6 rig into workspace and exported it through the plugin and imported it into blender but its not rebuilding the rig correctly. i made a video to show what’s going on. hopefully this gives u more material. tysm :slight_smile:

Your problem is likely your blender version, if it is above version 2.9 then the blender python plugin doesn’t work. Change your version to 2.9 and see if it works.

ah i finally figured it out. great idea but unfortunately it didn’t change anything. i was using the pre-built roblox rig-builder and the primary part was set to head so i set it to the humanoidrootpart and it worked.

i had to:

  1. anchor it
  2. set origin position to 0,0,0
  3. primarypart → humanoidrootpart

tysm 4 ur help!


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