Anyone Need an animator?

I can animate in studio, I can make animated videos… and I can do some renders. I can do a lot but I haven’t really found any place to show anyone besides here and youtube. I feel like I’m not really getting myself out there. So if anyone has a project that requires an animator, I’m here. I’m an animator not a rigger. I don’t make custom rigs but I can animate them.


This is actually really neat! I’ll definitely bookmark this for later.

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How much do you charge?

Neat! I’ll contact you sometime in this year, once I have all things sort out for my game, :slight_smile: Bookmarking this for sure!

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For the trailers prices vary depending on what you want. As for studio stuff I’m not really sure. Haven’t got many offers to set myself a price.

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I’d probably have to play around with it and get familiar with the limbs but I’m sure I can once I bypass that obstical. Assuming it’s already rigged of course.

Can you rig custom characters in studio?

No I’m an animator.

splash logic:

  • can make rigs in other programs
  • cant make studio rigs

gg lol
but hey nice to see you’ve made a post on here

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It’s not the same .-.

ik but lots of games these days have custom characters so if you’re willing to animate characters for pay u should learn how to rig custom character models :stuck_out_tongue:

i think theres a plugin that helps u rig character models really easy

Not really. The whole title is “animator” Not a rigger. There’s a big difference.

yeah but notice how two people already asked u if you could animate and rig up a character model in studio

i get ur POV but im just sayin lol
welp gl on getting that :dollar::dollar::dollar:

Bro, that’s like someone asking me asking you since you can build, can you do lighting? You probably can in studio but if I were to ask you to do it in cinema too its harder isn’t it?

snap u right lol

u should probably mention somewhere in ur post that ur not rigging characters so people dont get confused

Yeah I should haha