Anyone Still Have Problems from the Audio Update?

After Roblox prevented users from uploading copyrighted songs, it’s been a struggle to upload audio.
Once, I made a song in GarageBand using ALL open source material (which said for commercial use), and Roblox terminated my account for a few days. I had to change the speed of the song just to upload it without account termination.
Is anyone else having issues like this?
Also, if I buy the rights to a song, is there a way to upload it to Roblox without copyright issues?

Pretty unfortunate. Roblox use bots for copyright detection so there will be false positives and no doubt the bot has been fed false information too. I have no idea of how they know which songs are copyrighted and need to be detected. But in future I would recommend carrying out ALL asset uploads (audio, decals, etc) on alt accounts in order to prevent your main from getting hit by the terrible state of Roblox moderation. It is common knowledge of how broken copyright systems are sometimes. Youtube, Roblox, probably loads of other sites too. Like you have behemoth music companies who still are illegally claiming copyright over works where the original copyright has since expired sometimes. (For U.S copyright law which Roblox operates on, copyright term is author’s life + 70 years. After that term is up then the work is supposed to pass into the “public domain”)

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Unfortunately this has been an issue for a lot of people. If you buy rights to a song, Roblox will still not allow you to upload it. It’s not entirely Roblox’s fault though because they don’t know that you specifically have bought rights to a song. But this is a pretty unfortunate issue many people are facing.

Yeah, makes sense considering how groups like Be Strong (which used to upload audio) had like 90+ uploaders. Probably to avoid copyright.
But how does copyright apply to other countries and Roblox?
I’ve seen various Bollywood songs stay on Roblox for 3+ years without any copyright issues.

I’d probably guess because the specific recordings in that case do not exist in Roblox’s database of copyrighted audio. Like currently if you want to have a decent pop song in your game, you’ll need to create a new recording that is not in the database in order to get it through. E.g. An 8-bit mix of Radioactive.

I wish Roblox had Spotify or Deezer integration.
That would make uploading audio SO much easier–you would just need artist permission and you would be set.

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And it’s not like the company will pay you back for the rights you just bought.

However the bot decides what should and shouldn’t be uploaded, it’s very hit and miss.

My worst run-ins with the automoderation moderation (just found out images are reviewed by real people) have always been with images thus far (usually PBR textures, the normals maps are rejected far too often for being a ‘solid color’ which in itself is a ridiculous reason to reject an image). That said a few times I’ve uploaded music which is explicitly stated to be free for commercial use only to be hit with a warning.

It isn’t helped by the current state of the audio library (which is pretty abysmal, the more than useless search function and the tidal wave of roblox uploaded duplicates of the same audio make it pointless even trying to work with). The fact that the ability to make audios public still hasnt returned makes me doubt that it’s even planned anymore. It’s been almost a year… come on.


Although images aren’t related to the OP, I would like to clarify that automatic moderation is not used on decisions regarding images, unlike audio. Automation can only flag potential problems but moderation decisions for images are made by human beings. Audio automation is more aggressive and both are able to decide only after a human decision (e.g. automatically rejecting the same hashes from being uploaded for images, prior takedown request in database for audio).


That’s actually pretty surprising, I’d have thought that moderation would be much more consistent that way. Nice to know regardless and I’ll correct that, thanks.


I haven’t even been able to make some of my audio public!
And why do there have to be shorter versions of the same song? Just change the time the song runs.

That actually does make sense as I’ve gotten specific feedback before for images that got moderated for no reason.
Also something that may be useful:
If you contact Roblox, they will re-appraise your moderated image to see if it breaks TOS. In just a few days, the image will no longer be moderated (if it doesn’t break TOS of course).

They could have paid for the oof sound but they didn’t. Wrong move.