Anyone with an xbox or gamepad for their PC who can test this and tell me if it works?

I think this is the right section? Sorry if not…
Hey guys trying to program xbox functionality without access to an xbox… can anyone visit my game and tell me if its working?
you should be able to move left and right using the D-Pad as well as look up and down, the A button should allow you to jump and the B button should allow you to boost (if you have rings)
Massive thanks in advance XD
game link: Test-Pz1 - Roblox

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I can’t join the game because it is private.

Also should I test it on an actual Xbox one or on a computer with an Xbox controller? I can do both.

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lol rookie mistake… soz fixed now

both would be super useful thank you loads :smiley:

jumping with the A button works, but when I spawn I infinitely walk forward.

Also this button makes the player crouch:

If the player is walking against a wall, the player can no longer jump.

It seems like all buttons make the player crouch, not just the
image button.

awesome thanks dude i have no idea why? but its definatly progress thx :smiley:

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I love the game, it looks amazing. Sonic games on Roblox are really cool.
I had a video of the wall issue thing, but it was too big to upload here.

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Thanks loads dude… It really means alot… The actual game can be found here if you are interested: Sonic Speedway [Now with more Characters & Zones!] - Roblox - But Pc/mobile,Keyboard/Touchscreen only at the moment obviously… I think I can work it out without the video but thanks again for like the 20th time :smiley:

Here is the video on YouTube:

oh wow thanks for the 21st time then XD


Dunno if its better to start a new topic or to bump this one… but can anyone do the same xbox contoller test for my finished thing… Its got lots of menu’s n gui that needs checking massive thanks in advance :smiley: Sonic Speedway [Update Incoming] - Roblox

Still looking guys please help… Thanks :smiley: