Anything I could add to this GFX?

I was going through my old gfxs to fit into mine and my editor’s portfolio and stumbled upon this it has literally no effects what’s so ever just some decent lighting I feel this is quite wasted So any suggestions on how to make this mainly effect but lighting suggestions are still welcome


The lighting is was too bright. Maybe a more active scene, with color and vibrance, as the scene is almost all white. Finally, try adding some gun effects to the guns, like if they’re about to shoot the prisoner or something. Hope this helps.

I don’t really see adding more stuff to it because it will make it
the GFX agglomerate with too much content then it need but great work making it, good work.

The lighting looks a bit weird to be honest but apart from that its good!

Im not looking to add stuff in blender just extra things that could be added in after affects or ps such as smoke

The policemen look very generic, maybe add hair

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To be clear I’m looking for EFFECTS ideas TO ADD and I’m not looking to get advice as this is an old gfx

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The lighting in the background kinda makes the prisoner look like he is no-clipping.

Well, maybe he is no-clipping? Lol

It looks good, but I don’t think it’s usable unless you want to make changes in Blender. I love the lighting and I think with texturing it’ll look great, but there isn’t really any effects (besides maybe weather) that you could add. It feels unfinished and I think even with effects it will feel unfinished.

A lightroom, it looks very plain.

This is what I am litterally asking for Not feedback I just want effects to add Please read the whole post PROPERLY.

I read your post. As I said, there is nothing you can do to make this better without going back into Blender. It lacks textures, that can’t be fixed in post.


Amazing work there!
I don’t think you should change anything, it looks great!

k thank you but do you think blurs red and blue lights would work?

Possibly, depending on the ones you use you could mask the lack of textures.

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Thanks It isn’t that it looks great it is the fact that it doesn’t show what I and my editor can really do

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It’s still amazing XD. What else have you done?

You could add a little more color to the buildings in the back.

If you want to see my stuff ask in dms