Anything I should do to improve this game?

I’ve created a messaging test game with simplistic UI in Roact and RoactRodux, using limited animation and motion. I want to try to add this game to my portfolio, but I feel like this game just has missing pieces to it, and I could do better. What, in your opinion should I do to make this game better? Thanks!

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Game Link: Messaging - Roblox



Incase you are not getting any players, the game would just be useless, use some invented messages and give the initial user a prompt to use your game with bots etc…

I didn’t really create it for players, more as just a showcase, but thanks for the advice! I’ll see what I can do.


I think the function works quite well, as in it serves its purpose as “A messaging game” yet for showcases or demos of work it may be more attractive to employers to view how they can practically integrate this/use within their game.

While the base structure of this is there, you can add onto the purpose to give it that extra push to be better. For example, on creating topics you can include a selection of preset images to mimic the user being able to select an image to head their post.

Additionally, why not have this open as a social media platform, something that it is close to being.
At opening instead of just being thrown into the messaging board itself, have a Mock Log-In screen/Welcome screen which displays the Players User.

While this may be additional work, I do find adding more intractability between the user and others helpful. For example after previously said, opening screen players can view “Their Messages/Topics” which will be separated from others.

As you can see, what you have now works great being the function of the showcase is there but it really just needs to be built up on its practical uses to engage and persuade viewers of your hard work.

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Thank you so much for the feedback!

Adding an image isn’t really in compliance with Material 3 guidelines, however I’ll see what customization I can provide while maintaining it’s professional look, such as post colors.

I will 100% be implementing an onboarding screen, thank you for bringing this to my attention, as I wouldn’t have thought of that! I will also make core components more popping for an easier user journey.

As for the user information, I’ll see what I can do, as it sounds like an important and interesting idea.