Anyway to avoid truncation with numbervalues on the leaderboard?

Numbers <99 are truncated using the roblox leaderboard. Anyway to avoid this? (preferably without using string values? or making a custom leaderboard)

Code is a simple loop that adds +.1 to the value.

It would be a lot easier to use a StringValue, which can easily be converted into a number using tonumber().

local ConvertedNumber = tonumber(string)


You would use string.format with the formatstring: %.1f to get the intended effect:

What this will do is create a string that is a number with a decimal in it, so if you have 13.1314 and you format it with the said formatstring, it will print: 13.1

Small Example:

local NewString = string.format("%.1f", Number)

StringValue.Value = NewString -- Should work

As you can see, it works.