Anyway To Convert A Screen GUI To A Surface GUI?

Hello everybody! I would like to ask you guys if there’s any plugins or scripts that can convert a screen GUI to a Surface GUI. Yes, I have tried putting a Screen GUI (Contents) into the Surface GUI but it did not work.

Help is appreciated :smiley:


There are tons of plugins that can convert classes, I recommend using Reclass:

I hope I helped!

Edit: Alternatively, you could create a new SurfaceGui, move all the contents inside of the ScreenGui into the SurfaceGui.


Could you elaborate more on this?

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Sorry, @brokenVectors helped me with the easiest thing ever! Tysm @brokenVectors.

I use @Quenty’s Class Converter instead btw :smiley:

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I was actually going to recommend Quenty’s Class Converter, but it’s paid.