Anyway to detect if is the first time a person joins the game?

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    How can I detect if is the first time a Player joins a game?

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    I want to detect if is the first time a Roblox Player joins a game so I can give them a tutorial about the game.

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    I’ve tried YouTube, Discord, and then Developer Hub but a lot of is not even related to the topic.

I am not sure how other games do it and have seen no one trying to attempt to make a tutorial on it.
Note: I am talking about the Ninja Legends type where you will only see it if is your first time joining/ playing the game. I am not talking about the Doomspire Brickbattle type, where you would see it each time you join the game, even if is not your first time.


You can use DataStoreService to store if a player has ever joined your game. If the save is blank, you create a new save to say that they have joined your game previously.

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You could also check if the player owns a ‘you joined’ badge when they join. If they don’t, you could award them it and show the tutorial.


Yes but a badge costs Robux but I might consider that.


You can use a data store, if there is nothing on the datastore you can create one to say that they joined

local DSS = game:GetService("DataStoreService")  
local store = DSS:GetDataStore("Joins") 
local didjoin = false 
local firsttime = false
local success, joined =  pcall(function()
 return store:GetAsync(plr.UserId)
if success then
 if joined = 1 then 
    didjoin = true
    store:SetAsync(plr.UserId, 1)
    firsttime = true
if not success then

If you don’t understand this you can read more about datastores here: Data Stores or I can recommend this video from @UseCode_Tap whos videos helped me a lot when I was getting started. Data Stores Video


You can actually just use a badge if you want to make it easier for you.

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A badge costs 100 robux, some people don’t have that.


badges now free but only 5 a day more cost robux

This might not be really efficient due to the player being able to just remove the badge and join and receive the same welcome gui used for only first times joining, Datastores might be more efficient.