Anyway to fix this Texture?


i am trying to make a Texture behind a glass.

But when i do it, and move my camera, infront its perfect, from sides its bad

Thanks for everyone who can help!


It’s a bit difficult to see what’s wrong in your picture since we don’t know what it’s supposed to look like.
It looks like a digital sign behind a bus front window, but what’s the issue?
Glass Materials will distort at the edges, and if the glass is curved it’ll act like a magnifying glass effect.

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Not sure whats the issue is. If you are having issues with how the texture looks, if you are directly applying the image on the part or mesh, make sure you are using a texture object instead of a decal and adjusting the grid sizes. If you are applying it directly on a object, i would suggest using smooth plastic instead of glass as that can conflict with the textures you apply on it.

@Angermode @Scottifly

The image should be behind the glass. Like the first pic

The texture merges with the wall behind it.

Move it forward more, about 0.05 or so should be enough I think.

I may not be 100% correct, but that’s my thought on this.

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As @oliwieer4 said I’ve usually put Textures or Decals on a Transparent Part sitting about .005 studs away from the actual surface because they can disappear when the camera is a distance away from them.
Also try making the Glass Transparency = 1 to see if that’s what is affecting the Texture. If the Texture suddenly appears when you do that then you know the Glass is the issue.

Its the glass thats the problem

As @Angermode said, try SmoothPlastic instead. It’s not as nice looking as Glass though.
The other alternatives (again, not the greatest) would be to cut a section of the glass out and have the Texture show through the hole, or add a SmoothPlastic cover for the hole, or put the Texture in front of the window.

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