Anyway to make this more efficent and not look as bad?

So currently I am working on a handcuff system, and when the officer grabs the suspect I coded it so that the suspect’s CFrame is always changing to the CFrame of a part to welded to the officer, any way to make this more efficient? Theres a delay which makes it look really bad and when the officer moves it looks terrible. Any better way of doing this?

repeat task.wait() char.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = Template.SuspectWeld.CFrame until module.Cuffable[char.HumanoidRootPart].Grabbed == false

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i think you could weld the suspect’s humanoidrootpart to the part. and unweld when you uncuff the suspect.

that might work better than what you are doing rn

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I did try that but then it started glitching out the officer’s movement.

try turning the torso massless property on and off when you cuff and uncuff the suspect.

and set the humanoidstate to physics when the suspect is cuffed(and set it to freefall when the suspect is uncuffed)

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Turned cancollide off on all the parts of the “Rig” (Suspect) and also made it all massless and still doing the same thing, I changed it to physics but then gravity (or something else) had a huge effect on the rig and made it worse so I changed it back to freefall.

my last idea is to insead of making it massless, make the mass of the criminal’s parts(turn on customproperties) the lowest it can get. it works on any part instead of just the main torso part.

It’s not like your previous suggestion didn’t work. OP is probably experimenting with the settings. Massless vs arbitrarily small mass don’t have any significant difference either.

I found a weird solution, I enabled PlatformStand on the humanoid which solved all my issues?

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