Anyway to make two person animations without Moon-Animator?

So I am making a fighting game, and I want to be able to make two person animations.
Like In the game Right 2 Fight or strongest battlegrounds.

I wanted to get moon animator, but its . . . SO EXPENSIVE!!!
So is there anyway to make two person animations without moon animator?

I’m assuming I would have to script to clone the second character into the Players character and add some Motor6D’s into the cloned character, then make the other character invisible.

Have you tried using blender? many people are making their animation there instead of roblox studio, I know it’s harder but more efficient.

I have no idea how to make animations in blender. I can model stuff but I am H O R R I B L E at the animating. lol

Wait a minute, what do you mean by:

Moon Animator is a free plugin am I right?

It’s not free I’m pretty sure it’s around 1600 robux if they haven’t decreased the price

Wait, I saw it now, when I first open the Toolbox it was 1700 then after a sec it changed to free? I’m I the only one having this or the plugin just became for free? I did not buy it, just go check guys.

It’s because you already bought it when it was free but you don’t have it installed

Well that make sense, yeah I’ve installed it years ago I didn’t figure out how to use it then I delete it, I did never use it in my life.

You can make two seperate animations and then sync them up with a script

1700 To be exact. Lol

isnt that like 15 dollars?

But like the animation process. I can make two animations just fine.
But if I make one animation, and then another animation Its going to look real bad.
Were as I cant animate both animations at the same time.
Thats what I need