Anyway to transfer Dev forum roles to Roblox?

Hello. I don’t even know if this is possible, but I’ll ask.

Sorry, I can’t circle.

Is there anyway to get those roles into a leaderboard in roblox?

Would look like that.

Basically, I need something like that. Is there anyways to get the Groups and Trust level roles, from the Developer Forum, and transport it into roblox? Any help is much appreciated! Thank you in advance.


You’d need a server and a bot.

@LevelOfDetail is probably best to answer as I know he does a lot of weird stuff with the DevForum.

But if you’re looking for a free script, you’ll want to pay someone in #public-collaboration


You mean discord? I just want it so it gets roles from the website, people would have to join the discord to get the role, some people don’t have discord.

No, I mean a Web Server as you’d have to make a HTTP request when the player joins and use your bot to find the info of a user on the DevForum, you’d need to put a check though because not every player is in the DevForum.

To get the information about any devforum user, you can simply go to which will give you a large json table which includes the user’s trust level. This is the only way to get a person’s official role unless you are willing to have a wide error margin and use the unofficial roblox group.

Where trust_level 1 = New member and 2 = Member


(Don’t forget that you’ll need to set up a proxy because httpservice doesn’t allow you to access or subdomains)