Anywhere I can find the Star Creator icon?

I’m working on my most recent project, the free name tag to prevent display name impersonation. I’m adding some new features, and for one of them, I’m trying to find the Star Creator icon. I haven’t been able to find the icon anywhere.

Where should I look? I’ve only tried Google so far. Thanks in advance!

Is this it?
It’s located at %RobloxClient%\content\textures\ui\icon_star-16.png and should be useable with the content string of rbxasset://textures/ui/icon_star-16.png.

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Thanks for your help. However, that is not the icon I’m talking about.
I’m talking about the current icon:


is this it?

Yes, except the quality is very poor, and it’s not transparent. But that’s the image I’m looking for.

Depending on where you got that, I’m assuming that’s a custom icon. Can’t seem to find it anywhere in the UI folder.

After some digging, I did not manage to find it for you. The star creator icon provided on my end is still on the old version.

These only shows in Roblox>Versions>(Lastest versions)>content>textures>UI
This is also where you would expect them to show up.

And part of me thinks @wevetments is right, there seems to be a lot of different shapes that resemble different parts of the icon so it could just be a few shapes combined together to form the icon. You’re well better off to trace it using illustrator instead of actually combining them since that saves up a lot of time. Plus, tracing it shouldn’t be too difficult given the simplicity of the icon.


does this one is good for you?

Are you sure that’s the current icon? The only other star creator related icon I could find in the client files is:
Like what @wevetments said, it might be a custom icon as I can’t find it anywhere.

Edit: Ok I see what you mean but, it seems like the new icon hasn’t been shipped yet. I couldn’t find it even with the use of the mod manager to get unreleased builds. It’s also subject to change so you should probably stick with the current version until it gets released.

And remind me, is the current version the star?

No, that was an idea for it. The current version is the one you’re seeking for.

Oooh ok. Well, I did actually end up photoshopping it myself to get as close as possible to the icon.

Thank you to everyone for your help!

Edit: 57 days later I realized this image wasn’t that accurate. I have edited this image with the new version that I created that is more proportionally correct.


@TheSuzerain I’m 2 years late, but here you go, extracted from an image sheet in the Roblox files!


Yes, it’s low quality, but it’s how Roblox made it so that’s that

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